Frequently Asked Questions



Are these automobiles hard to drive?

Vintage cars are light in weight (About one ton for the bigger ones) however, there is no power steering. We advise you then, when parking the car, not to park too close to other cars. Keep that in mind as you will not have to turn the wheel so hard.

Furthermore, when you get on the road, there are no particular problems. There are a few tricks that are good to know, according to each model. We will give you the information about the specific car. In addition, videos are available to view on the website; a guidebook will be given to you with the information about the car (shifting speeds, pre starts, etc...)

Your parents, grandparents drove them ... Why not you?

Where are the vehicles, and how to pick them up?

The car you choose will be at the location (Angers train station or Marce Airport, France), on the date and time of your arrival, as it would have previously been arranged. Once the paper work is taken care of, we will go out for a short drive and explain to you the handling of the car. Then you can go on your trip!

Who may drive the car?

Any person aged 21 and over who hold a valid driver's license, according to French law, with at least 3 years’ experience, and no suppression (resulting in points exhausted, revoked license, etc.), may drive the vehicle. You must provide all copies of licenses prior to arrival date.

What will become of my personal car, if not traveling by train?

We offer to keep your car safe and secure. See our fee schedule.

If my car is entrusted to you, what about the insurance ?

We have full coverage insurance; collision, comprehensive and liability. You will get on the road, rest assured... no worries.

How am I covered by the insurance ?

The car you rent is fully covered. However, a deposit is required, which is what is demanded by the franchise of this insurance.

What is the deposit amount ?

The deposit is € 1,000 regardless of the vehicle. A pre-authorization of this sum will show on your credit-card statement. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account. This amount will be fully unlocked for a week (7 days), after the vehicle is returned if no damage or violation is detected. Indeed, some damage can not be observed immediately.

What to do in case a traffic ticket is issued ?

If you have been cited with a traffic ticket, you must notify us not later than the day of the return of the vehicle. If the fine arrives at our address, we will contact you to regularize the situation. If it is a parking fine, the amount will be deducted from the deposit. In all cases you will be responsible and accountable for the ticket.

What to do in case of an accident ?

Besides all the precautions and legal obligations and using common sense on a site of an accident, you should let us know on the day of the accident. We will help you with the steps to take and we will notify the insurance company.

What to do in case of mechanical issues ?

In case of mechanical problems with one of our cars, we will try to fix it as soon as possible by going to you, or by sending a qualified mechanic. If the car repair is significant, we will provide you immediately with an equivalent vehicle. If none of these solutions are possible, we will figure out an alternative solution.

What type of gas does the vehicle need ?

If you discuss old fashion cars with collectors, and want a big debate, talk to them about fuel ... chances are that you will have some long discussions but the fact is that none of them will exactly agree on that issue! One thing is sure, no "Unleaded E10" in these classic cars.
All of our cars use gasoline only, "Unleaded 95" or "Unleaded 98". Some do take some type of additives, others without. But be assured, we will let you know what to do when we hand you the keys. It's not rocket science! However we ask you to be vigilant about it, and follow our instructions. Fuel purchase receipts will be required when the car is returned. In the event the wrong fuel has been added into the tank, we will have to remove the tank and clean it thoroughly. Also we will have to bleed the lines and the engine will have to be cleaned: the cost of these operations will then be deducted from the deposit.

Questions about seat belts.

In France, cars that are produced before July 1973 are not always equipped with safety belts. Some of our cars prior to 1973, according to the Highway Code Articles R412-1 to 3, are not equipped with safety restraints. We ask you in this case to be even more careful! If the car is equipped with seat belts, then you must wear them at all time.

Are children allowed to travel in the car ?

We do not allow children under 3 years of age for safety reasons. According to the Highway Code articles R 412-1 to 3, they are allowed to travel in the car, limited to an available seat. However no children seats or boosters are allowed when the vehicle is not equipped with seat belts. Also, children are allowed to travel in the front.

May I travel with my personal classic car ?

Absolutely, you can come with your own car! While you are online booking, simply select this option in the vehicle section. However, we provide you with assistance only concerning our cars. But will help the best way we can if such assistance is needed.


Trip, book and online secure payment

How far will we travel each day ?

We want you to enjoy the car as much as possible without getting tired of it. You will average between fifty and a hundred kilometers per day. The mileage indicated in the brochure is only a guide, it mainly depends on the location of where you stay the following night!

How to make a reservation ?

You can book online and pay directly on line. This way we receive your request directly. You may also make a reservation by email or by phone: a pre-approved reservation will then be made until we receive the deposit, you have 72 hours to pay the deposit and 30 days to pay the entire amount.

Once payment is received, your request for the reservation is then complete. The reservation itself will be final only upon receipt of our confirmation letter, which will arrive within 48 hours after your reservation request, because we need to ensure availability with our affiliate partners. In the unfortunate event that no cars are available, we will totally refund your money.

What papers am I required to provide ?

In addition to a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of your identity card or passport will also be required. When you pick up the car, we will ask to see the originals, as well as the copy of the confirmation email.

How do I pay for my stay ?

You may pay your accommodation fees online, wire transfer, or by check if it is issued by a French bank. For these last two forms of payment, your name and reservation number must be indicated.

Note that when booking online, it becomes valid only when we actually confirm it ourselves.

How safe is the online payment ?

The online payment is secure. It goes though the BNP Paribas Mercanet system. We do not have access to your personal information, nor details of your credit card. The payment is fully secure, by BNP Parisbas, one of the biggest bank of France.

When do I pay the reservation ?

To confirm the reservation, no less than 30 days before departure, 30% of the total amount is required, and the total transfer should arrive within 72 hours of pre-booking. Within the 30 days, the full price of the trip must be paid.

Once the trip is booked and deposit paid, the remainder of the accommodations must arrive no later than 3 weeks before arrival. If the accommodations have not been paid within 3 weeks prior to trip, the customer is deemed to have cancelled the trip on his own. The company will not be required to maintain the availability of the car.

May the plans of the trip be altered ?

Up to 30 days before the actual date of rental, you may change the reservation, but we cannot guarantee the vehicle. We will try to accommodate you though, according to availability. All requests for changes must be done via our office email, with your name, date and reservation number. Some reservations cannot be changed, the "non-interchangeable, non-cancellable" or specified reservation on certain dates, modification or cancellation is impossible.

May I cancel my trip ?

Cancellation of the trip is possible, but fees do apply. Retro-Emotion's has a commitment to its partners for reservations. With no less than 30 days, 10% of the price of the entire stay will be charged. Between 30 and 15 days: 25% of the total price will be charged; 14 to 8 days: 50%. Within 7 days, the total price will be retained. All cancellation requests must be made by email at our business address, specifying your name, the date and reservation number. For “stamped services,” “non-modifiable”, “non-cancelable" or on certain specified dates, modifications or cancellations are not possible.

Is it necessary to answer the short questionnaire concerning taste in accommodation ?

Absolutely not! But it helps us to understand your expectations to make your trip more enjoyable, and closer to your wishes!


Accommodation and gastronomy options

How were the partners selected ?

Our partners had been visited and selected by us, so we know where we send you! We observed their reactions when we arrived unannounced. It turned out that most of them took it well. You will not be involved at all with the ones who did not satisfy our expectation...

What sort of accommodation can I expect ?

You make your choice when booking online between comfort class and luxury class. You can also contact us to inquire about the Prestige class, in order to be housed in larger hotels and castles. Breakfast is included in those offers.

What do you mean by "gastronomical meal" ?

This dining option is "half-boarded". So we select the best restaurants for the evening, with a complete menu including hors d’oeuvre, entree and dessert (drinks not included). These meals are renowned and only made for fine pallet individuals !


Daily rental

Who may drive the car ?

Any person aged 21 and over who holds a valid driver's license, according to French laws, with at least 3 years’ experience, and no suppression (resulting of points exhausted, revoked license, etc.), may drive the vehicle. You must provide all copies of licenses prior to arrival date.

How do I pay for a one day rental ?

You may pay the service by wire transfer or using French check. On the day, it’s possible to pay by cash, by check (French bank account) or by credit card.

When do I pay the daily rental ?

Depending on the availability of the vehicle, a deposit of 30% of the amount for the service is required to confirm the booking. This should be paid at least 30 days prior to the day rental is scheduled. Within 30 days, the full amount will be required. Then we will confirm the reservation for you. Once booked, the remaining amount can be paid through the web site before delivery. However, if the reservation is made through the website (or up to 3 days before), the payment can still be made, directly when we deliver the vehicle to the customer.

Can I cancel the service ?

The cancellation of the lease is possible, but fees apply. Retro-Emotion because it has contracted the car at the agreed date, will charge you the following: Over 30 days, 10% of the total price of the service will be charged. Between 30 and 15 days: 20% of the total price. Between 14 days and the date of the event, the entire deposit will be retained.

How far may I travel with the vehicle ?

All the details of the services are in the fee schedule located in the rental section of the website.
1 day: 200 km
2 days: 500 km
6 days: 1000 km
Exceeding the prepackage deal of these figures, will be billed as per kilometers.


For weddings

How many kilometers does this package include ?

This package includes 200 km (so a two-way trip of 100 km around Angers). Beyond that, we will estimate a cost to you.

How long is the rental for the event ?

The car is at your disposal for the wedding day (celebration, church, cocktail, etc…). These details are to be of course decided prior to finishing the agreement.

When do I pay the rent ?

Depending on the availability of the vehicle, a deposit of 30% of the amount is required to confirm the booking. This should get to us at least one month before the event. Within a month of the event, the full amount will be required. Once the down payment is received, the remaining amount can be paid on site before delivery.

Can I cancel the service ?

Cancellation of service is possible, but fees apply because Retro-Emotion has contracted out the car for your event. More than 30 days, 10% of the total price of the service will be charged. Between 30 and 15 days: 20% of the total price. Between 14 days and the date of the event, the entire deposit will be retained.