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The journey


Loire Valley wine route : 3 days/2 nights, 5-6 visits, 180 km

Gear up to discover the wines of the Loire Region and mix several pleasures: driving a legendary classic car in authentic and wonderful landscapes, as well as stopping once in a while to taste wine or discover the region’s heritage. Saumur, Champigny, Layon, Savennières are some of the several extraordinary designations that will enchant you !

The vintage car

Choose the vintage car you like by looking here, or come with your vehicle (car, motorcycle...) , and follow our tailor-made roadmap. Enjoy the feeling of joy from the pedestrians, thrilled at the sight of cars that call some sympathy and a hint of nostalgia: Citroën Traction, Peugeot 203, among others!



You will spend the night either as close to the vineyars and castles as possible, or in distinctive hotels with charm, specially selected for you depending on your taste (Comfort or Luxury category) You can also choose the Gourmet option allowing us to select for you the best tables for dinner. Wines will be specifically chosen depending on the menu of the day. 


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The stages of your journey

We can meet you at Angers railway station or at Angers-Marcé airport. We can take care of your car during your stay. After a brief introduction, an overview of the state of the car and a description of the vehicle, you will finally get behind the wheel and follow our road map to the first visit!

First day : Saumur, 50 km

Drive along the river Loire up to Saumur. The famous Caves de Grenelle, with its thousand bottles, are waiting for you for a sparkling tasting in the cellars under the city (1 hour tour).
Enjoy the rest of the day wandering in the most beautiful streets of this «Pearl of Loire», reknowned for its wine, castle and traditional horse riding school. You will spend the night there : Comfort catergory : Château de Beaulieu ; Luxury : Hôtel Saint-Pierre ; or equivalent.


Second day : Cave of the Marché des Vins de Loire / Château de Montreuil-Bellay / Layon Vineyard, 40-70 km.

There are many things to discover in Loire Valley... We offer three tours for the day ! Tell us the ones you prefer !

After breakfast :

visit a distinctive troglodyte cave (1 hour tour) that offers to taste about twenty different wines from Loire, Nantes and Sancerre throughout the visit.! The Marché des Vins de Loire takes you on a tasty journey!

Visit the château de Montreuil-Bellay (1h), which was the former fortress of the Duke of Anjou Foulques Nerra, where you will have the possibility to taste the wines of the estate. 

 - Discover the famous syropy white wines of Layon. You will be awaited in  château Pierre-Bise (1h), a charming family estate, where you will visit the vineyards and taste the wine of the estate. Their wine called Savennières, as well as their syropy selection (côteaux du Layon, côteaux de l’Aubance, Chaume, Quart de Chaume) are unforgettable. Each soil reveals its amazing richness!

You will spend the night in the area, depending on the chosen tour. Comfort category: Domaine de la Soucherie ; Luxury category : Château de l'Épinay ; or equivalent. 

Third day : Château de Serrant, Domaine du Closel, 30 to 60 km.

Visit the Château de Serrant (1h15), one the best furnished castles of France, which is a property of the Prince and Princess of Merode-Westerloo.

In the afternoon, take a tour of the Domaine du Closel (1h), a magnificent estate in the heart of Savennières, where you will have the opportunity to not only taste the wines of the estate, but also enjoy a walk in the park and vineyards! Wine workshops are also occasionally organised.


You will then drive back towards Angers with a rejuvenated and peaceful mind, and tremendous stories to tell !


Accommodation and gourmet option

  • Comfort or Luxury accommodation

Choose where to spend the night by looking at our Comfort or Luxury categories.

The comfort category contains guest houses and hotels which have been selected for their comfortable character and wonderful locations. Breakfast is included.

The luxury category contains high-quality guest houses and hotels in exceptional locations. Breakfast is also included.

At the end of your booking, we will ask you to fill-in a questionnaire,
so we can identify your preferences and tastes: 

castle in the country land, 
in-town hotel overlooking the Loire river, 
swimming pool, 
We will then be able to select the most suitable places for you!

Don’t worry about your car, each place is provided with a parking lot!

Go to our « partners » tab, where you will be given an insight of the 
hotels where you can stay in.

If you want to spend the night in our « prestige » category, please 
contact us in order for us to know your wishes (bedroom, suite…).

  • Gourmet option (dinner)

By choosing this option, a gastronomic table in a prestigious restaurant will be ordered for you each evening. You will be served a gourmet meal that will have been selected by us depending on your taste (excluding drinks).


Booking Conditions

  • The Car

The car you have chosen will be prepared and ready to be handed over to you at the day and time agreed in your booking. We will start by giving you a short overview of the car, as well as a quick administrative control (driving licence…) before handing out the keys. We will also provide you with the roadbook.

  • Driving Licence

Anyone can drive the car; however, the driver(s) must be known before the departure and must send us a copy of their driving licence(s) in advance. Your driving licence must be valid on the French territory and shouldn’t be suspended or withdrawn. The driver(s) must have a minimum of 3 years driving experience and be at least 21 years old. The person responsible for the car is the one named in the booking.

  • Gasoline

The tank level will be checked upon departure with the customer. Upon return of the car, the level must be the same as the one recorded. Our cars operate only on UNLEADED gasoline, either 95 or 98. We will tell you which kind of gasoline you have to refuel it with before departure. A proof that you have used the right kind of gasoline will be asked upon return. But in no case should you refuel the car with gasoline 95 E10.

  • Mandatory Guarantee

You will be asked a guarantee of 1000€, which will take the form of a “withdrawal pre-authorisation”. No amount shall be debited, but it will be blocked on your bank account. The blocking order will be lifted upon return of the car, if you haven’t committed any damage or any traffic violation. Please make sure to have sufficient funds on your bank account on your first day.


This trip includes

  • This trip includes

    • The car (unless you came with your own…)

    • A full service for your own car, as an option, during your whole trip.

    • The roadbook

    • The housing in our “Comfort” or “Luxury” category

    • The parking fees at your hotel

    • Breakfast

    • Half Board (dinner), as an option

    • The visits

    • Support in case of an unexpected problem on the trip and assistance for the rented vehicle.


  • This trip doesn’t include

    • The journey from your home to Angers and your way back

    • Drinks in the half board option

    • The fuel

    • Lunch - we want this “auto-tour” to be an experience of freedom, so it’s up to you to choose where you would like to have lunch. Should you want additional information on that matter, we can provide you with a list of restaurants (it should be requested before your stay).

Good to know…

  • Luggage

The boots size of our cars are limited, and are especially small if four people travel in one car. Please refer to the information sheet of the car you have chosen. You will find the boot measurement as well as the type and number of luggage that can be placed in it.

  • Driving

Vintage cars are light-weighted cars - about one ton – but have no power steering. We advise you to park your car in the best way for you to be able to easily leave the place again. It is an easy habit to form !

As far as the driving is concerned, there are no major differences between driving a modern or vintage car. We will give you advice and explanations when handing out the car and a little booklet will be on board as well (gear synchronization, spark advance and so on…).

Car servicing is up-to-date and the cars will work well if properly treated. They will take you with ease to the end of your voyage !

  • Fuel

All our cars operate on unleaded gasoline. Upon return, you will be asked to give a proof of the type of fuel used. Keep your fuel pump ticket preciously!

Our cars are economical, as the maximum consumption is 10 l/100km for the least economical ones. A tank of 50l should be enough for the trip of five days (approximately 80€, price based on average fuel price).

  • In case of breakdown

In case of breakdown of one of our cars, please let us know immediately. We are equipped with a car-carrier and we will come to you in the most efficient way. We provide for contingencies of any circumstances !


Price list

Small sedan
(Renault Dauphine)
(Citroën 11 BL Traction, Peugeot 203 C, Citroën DS DSuper)
(Renault Caravelle 1100)
Personal vehicle
Comfort 2 people or add. adult (price per person : double bedroom) 490 € 510 € 530 € 330 €
4 people (price per person, 2 double bedrooms) 380 € 410 € - 300 €
Extra child bed (-12 years, price per child) 190 € 200 € 210 € 180 €
Extra bedroom child (price per person for 2 children) 240 € 250 € 260 € 230 €
Gastronomy option adult (half-board, price per person) 90 € 90 € 90 € 90 €
Gastronomy option for child (price per child) 50 € 50 € 50 € 50 €
Wireless speaker 28 € 28 € 28 € -
Luxury 2 people or add. adult (price per person : double bedroom) 590 € 610 € 630 € 430 €
4 people (price per person, 2 double bedrooms) 480 € 510 € - 400 €
Extra child bed (-12 years, price per child) 200 € 210 € 220 € 190 €
Extra bedroom child (price per person for 2 children) 310 € 320 € 330 € 300 €
Gastronomy option adult (half-board, price per person) 90 € 90 € 90 € 90 €
Gastronomy option for child (price per child) 50 € 50 € 50 € 50 €
Wireless speaker 28 € 28 € 28 € -