203 C
Sedan 1958

Peugeot 203 C Rétro Émotion travel vintage car agency Loire Valley FranceThe model we offer

  This Peugeot from 1958 is extraordinary. Is has been in the hands of three different owners since its production but the last one had owned it since 1977, for 38 years, which makes it a safe bet. This man has been a vintage car and plane lover as well as colletector since he was 18 and is now the owner of a open-top Peugeot 203. He is also in the process of restoring a rare Peugeot 203 convertible.

This model, a Peugeot jewel of the 50s, has never stopped working since 1958. No chance of being confronted with a problem linked to long and unsuitable storage. It has always been maintained in proper state. Only paint and seats were redone in the 90s, at a time when «people still knew how to work», told the owner..

There is no risk of being confronted with a defective modern piece. We drove it back from Nancy to Angers, over 650 km in one afternoon, and it wouldn’t stop!

We must reveal that it participated in a car rallye in Croatia in 2008, which might be its secret of eternal youth!




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 Le coffre a été voulu spacieux pour la 203, voulant concurrencer notamment la Citroën Traction Avant qui n'est pas réputée pour la place dédiée au bagages. Avec pas loin d'un demi mètre cube, il est donc logeable, et équipé de deux rangements, celui du dessous étant consacré à la roue de secours. 

coffre Peugeot 203