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A story of passion, quite simply ...

The regions of Anjou and Touraine, throught which flows the great River Loire, contain so much history and hidden treasures, that we could not keep them selfishly to ourselves! As heritage lovers, we decided to show you these parts of France in an original way : in our beautiful French vintage cars, elegant witnesses to our industrial heritage! Truly the way to travel for the lover of beautiful cars.

Hence the idea of creating a travel agency to hire classic cars! Since its inception, we have dedicated ourselves to this activity energized by a desire to project the glories of France and to bring great pleasure to our customers - their satisfaction being paramount!

Recognizing that every traveler has particular expectations, especially in terms of accomodation, we have developed a short questionnaire to target precisely your likes andbuild a trip that suits you. Thus, our online offers are not "ready-made", but are tailored to the specific needs and wishes of each client!


Château voiture ancienne agence de voyage Rétro emotion

Our partner hoteliers and restaurateurs have been carefully selected. We have carefully inspected each of them individually, unannounced. This gives us confidence in our partners and we are satisfied that they offer high quality services in beautiful surroundings - and most important for beautiful car, private parking!

Our trips depart from, and return to, Angers. You can get there by train, plane or by car. We will meet you there and provide you with the keys and the logbook at the agreed time. Then you can head off on the excellent roads of rural France on a route specifically designed for you. Note, we also keep your own car safely in our parking theentire time.

Our cars are all reliable and are checked before every trip. However, in the case of any glitch (our cars are, on average, 50 years old), we provide backup and mechanical troubleshooting to keep you on the road and to continue tour trip along the Royal River - the Loire!

Hopefully, with our beautiful cars and our personalized routes, you will discover a different France, the hidden France, the France of your dreams. Happy driving!!


For events, visit our website : www.re-evenements.fr


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