Traction 11 BL 1955 

11 BL Face

The model we offer

The Traction we offer is a fully renovated 11 BL (light Berline) from 1955. The former owner had bought the spare-parts from a mechanist who repaired the motor in 2002. It was assembled and the interior as well as the exterior have patiently totally been renovated in 2003.

It sports its original colour, a midnight blue, (code AC 601) which is deeper and less strict than the classical black of the Traction. It suits her so beautifully!

On a technical aspect, this model is one of the first to have been equipped with the most recent engine of generation 11: the 11D. It keeps its original three speed gear box, whose first ratio is not synchromeshed.
You can drive over more than 400km with one full tank (on average its consumption is 10-11 litres/100 km and its tank can contain up to 50l).

As if you were comfortably seated in your sofa, you benefit from an unequalled road holding. It can be comfortable for up to four people.

A queen, a myth, a beauty, a luxury; comfort, robustness, security, power: it is the car of all superlatives!



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