RenaultDauphine(R1090 type) 1960

The history of Renault Dauphine


The model we offer

This Dauphine was bought in spare parts by the former owner. The bodywork has then been completely redone and repainted. The very authentic interior has been covered with a bed sheet during many years and thus remains original. We are about to celebrate its 55th birthday which gives the vehicle an incredible charm!

The rear mounting of the "Ventoux" engine (670-1 type) of 845 cm3 with 5CV allows a top speed of 115 km/hour. Our Dauphine has been equipped with a four speed gear box (instead of three in the original car). All three last ratios are synchromeshed; only the first one is not, meaning the car must be stopped to be able to start up again. The same engine was produced between 1947 and 1985 (on the R4 and R5).

With an average of 6.5 litres/100 km and a 32 l tank, your can drive for more than 400 km.

The seats are soft and comfortable. The Dauphine is a "small sedan" but however surprising it might seem, there is quite enough space for the rear seats, so your legs and head don’t touch the front seats or sealing. This charming car allows four people to travel comfortably



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The boot of the Dauphine is located at the front of the car, opens and closes from the inside. It is about 137 L big, therefore we recommend you to bring soft suitcases.

Dauphine coffre ouvert 1960Coffre Renault Dauphine voyage rétro émotion Loire