RenaultCaravelle 1100convertible (R1133 type) 1965

History of the Renault Floride & Caravelle


The model we offer

This Renault Caravelle was almost completely redone by the former owner who parked it in Vendee, France. It was his personal car which means he always drove it carefully and is still now in an excellent state, ready to eat up kilometres!

This Cabriolet launched in 1965 is equipped with an R-8 derived engine of 1108 cc, producing 55 hp (41 kW) and a four speed gear box with synchromesh on all ratios. It was a very modern engine for the time which equipped many generations of Renault cars since then, including the Twingo. About 27 million blocks have been produced over 40 years.

An average "overall" fuel consumption of 27.3 miles per imperial gallon (8.5 L/100 km) was recorded. The tank is about 48 litres big meaning your can drive for 500 km.

Four persons could officially sit in the car, but the rear seats are narrow since they were initially designed for children. The front seats are equipped with seat belts.

As its name indicates, the car can be used as a Cabriolet or Coupe. In wintertime the Caravelle will thus come with its hardtop roof.



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Renault Caravelle's history


The Renault Floride was introduced in France in 1958 and produced right from 1959.

Its first name is owed to a travel that Pierre Dreyfus, who was then chairman of the “Régie Renault”, made in the company of Fernand Picard, research advisor. They came to get information about the development effort of the mark in United-States, for the marketing plan of the Renault Dauphine. As they were invited to Florida, they got tackled by their hosts about the necessity to produce convertible motor cars. The question of a convertible Dauphine emerged… 

The Italian Ghia, who already worked on the design of the Dauphine, got requested for the cabriolet, with the only big constraint to keep the chassis, the motor and the undercarriage of the Dauphine. Because of a competition clause which was tying him to Volkswagen, Ghia subcontracted the design to Frua. Once the first pictures had been presented, the reception was enthusiastic, and Dreyfus decided to call the cabriolet “Floride” in Europa, and "Caravelle" in America.

The Floride wants to be young, beautiful and affordable. In order to widen the products range, it will break down into a Cabriolet, a Coupé and a Convertible. Enough to win over people more widely than the circle of the cabriolet fans; with fresh colors and various equipments, it allows Renault to leave the image of a working-class car manufacturer. 

As it was a victim of the success of the Dauphine in Europa and south America, the production got delayed and had then to go from 50-75 to 200-250 cars a day in order to answer the demand. It must be said that thanks to its common base with the Dauphine it could be sold at a price corresponding to 13000 going euros, i.e. 50% cheaper than the competitors! 

From the marketing point of view the Floride exported to the USA was renamed “Caravelle” in order not to confine itself to one American state and to celebrate the French aircraft of the same name. Brigitte Bardot was the “patron” of the car, what boosted the sales and catapulted that Renault to the rank of a legendary car. 

Subsequently, the french name “Floride” will be removed to make way only for the Caravelle, equipped with the more powerful, more reliable and better cooled 1100 cc Cléon-Fonte motor of the R8 Major, and accompanied by a few aesthetic changes. 

The production will end in 1968, after 117 113 produced units.